The Turbo Separator was originally designed for food waste recycling, but also excels at processing wallboard and drywall. When landfilled, gypsum can create hydrogen sulfide gas under certain conditions and can’t be incinerated in California because it can emit toxic sulfur dioxide gas.  As a result, C&D processors aiming to meet diversion goals and drywall manufacturers looking to reuse gypsum found in new production scrap are ideal candidates this application.

The Scott Turbo Separator Features:

  • 99% Gypsum recovery rate
  • 98% Paper and gypsum separation rate
  • Gypsum is cleaned and reused to create brand-new wallboard, soil amendment, or cement additive
  • Waste Paper can be recycled into new fiber
  • 8-16 tons/hour depending on model. Dry gypsum board only (<18% Moisture)