The Scott Turbo Separator is designed for use in MRF’s, transfer stations, compost operations, AD plants (anaerobic digestion), WWTF’s (wastewater treatment facilities), landfills, and can be placed in manufacturing facilities for direct product destruction. Once separated, food waste packaging is recycled or processed further.  The Scott Turbo Separator can process and homogenize a variety of feedstocks with the ability to add water achieving the desired organics consistency.

Waste Separation for the Following Materials:

  • Source separated organics (SSO)

  • Grocery waste-Clean, mixed, and contaminated

  • New product destruction-Beverage containers, out-of-date packaged goods, off spec and mislabeled consumer goods, etc.

  • Pre-consumer food waste/scraps from manufacturers, farms, distribution centers, dairies, etc.

  • Post-consumer food waste/scraps from hotels, hospitals, sports venues, airports, school cafeterias, etc.

  • Contaminated food waste/scraps from residential collection and curbside routes