We are proud to welcome you to the newly redesigned online space for our new line of Scott Turbo Separators. We are proud to be the exclusive dealer of Scott Turbo Separators for California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and Utah. We have set out to provide our clients with the finest food waste depackaging and separation equipment. With the rise of recycling and the prominence of recycling in the country, the Scott brand offers unrivaled dependability and superior craftsmanship.

Scott Separators

Scott Equipment Company is a US company based out of New Prague and Arlington Minnesota. Originally started as a manufacturer of feed processing equipment, Scott Equipment has become the premier American-made recycling equipment. They determined that there was a need for high quality depackaging equipment for pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, and the waste reduction industries. Olympic Environmental is proud to offer a separator for almost every need and application.


T20 – The T20 by Scott Turbo Separator is the smallest of the separators offered by Olympic Environmental. The T20 is a 20 inch diameter turbo throughput processor with twin screw infeed, conveyor and hopper. Featuring a stand and work platform for ease of maintenance and and can process up to five tons an hour, with a 96 inch processor.

T30 – Much like the smaller T20, the T30 model Scott Turbo Separator is the ideal mid range 96 inch processor. Featuring a 30 inch diameter turbo capable of between eight and ten tons of throughput per hour depending on infeed density. A powerful 50 horsepower drive creates the ideal conditions for optimum efficiency.

T42 – The T42 is our 75 horsepower heavy duty turbo separator designed for larger material. Capable of a 18-20 ton throughput per hour depending on the infeed density. Featuring a twin screw infeed and a single screw discharge conveyor the T42 is the ideal size for many applications.

Thor – The Thor is the largest of the Scott Turbo Separators line. Featuring a 100 horsepower drive and a massive 20 plus tons of throughput, the Thor is the ultimate separator no matter what material you are separating. From food waste to large cased goods the Thor is the machine for the job.

Superior Quality

All of the Scott Turbo Separators are designed to the highest possible quality standards. Scott felt there was a need for a horizontal mill configuration when the industry standard was the vertical mill design. Soon the advantages of the horizontal mill design were taking the industry by storm. The ease of maintenance, extended wear characteristics, and versatility set the Scott Turbo Separators apart from the competition. As far as maintenance is concerned, the intuitive design of the separators requires minimal spare parts to be kept on hand meaning less downtime for your operation. If you are ready to experience the superior, made in the USA performance of a Scott Turbo Separator, please contact Olympic Environment for more information today! We look forward to speaking with you and thank you for your business.